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Steven Maslach Glass Sculpture

  Menhir - Bandelier  by Steven Maslach 2015    72" h x 22" x 22" on pedestal. Hot cast glass, steel, gels and filters.

     Ice / Wave         by Steven Maslach 2015       22" x 10" x 1.5-4".  Hot cast glass, gels and filters.

     Menhir - Green Head    by Steven Maslach 2015   72" x 22" x 22" on pedestal.  Hot cast glass, steel, gels and filters.





Glass invites you to look deeper, beyond the surface. In 47 years as a glassmaker, I became unsatisfied with predictable color and light reflected from opaque surfaces.  My new works are light sculptures. Light is collected within my glass, and is filtered and reflected to the viewer. Viewing from a low angle, the glass is colorless. As the viewer approaches the point of direct reflection, light and color is maximized. My work, although stationary, is kinetic. The light and color within the work is in motion.

I have discovered that light and color flow within thick clear glass, and mixes and collects in the forms and textures of a sculpture. My artworks present an experience of light and color. They continually change as lighting or the viewer's angle changes. A still photograph of my work shows one angle, one moment, one part of the experience. 

I am offering my work as a higher use of glass. The experience I create cannot be done in blown work, or in thin glass. This artwork – these experiences – cannot be created in conventional sculptural materials or by traditional glassmaking techniques. To work in human scale, I cast pieces up to 7 feet.  I offer my work as a new direction in glass and in sculpture.


Steve Maslach 2016


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